Friday, July 22, 2011

Did I mention...Off Roading!?

As the only girl in my immediate family, I have been deprived of anything and everything girly.  My 3 boys and cowboy have made sure I can handle the getting in and out of a lifted Chevy truck.  Thank goodness for P-90X! I love everything 4x4 especially a white Toyota Tacoma, black widow (Jeep) and the little bitty Rhino.  You better watch out if you see me in the street I'll crush you! LOL! Seriously, I'm kidding.  Last weekend we took the boys for some mud fun at great Azusa Canyon and let me tell you it was pretty intense.  Huge roaring lifted trucks with giant tires going through the water and getting stuck half way in the course.  I was sure glad to see everyone helping and pulling each other out of the mud.  My cowboy through on the bikini top on the jeep then headed up Azusa Rd for some MUD fun in the SUN.  As I always say..."bring it on baby, because there's no stopping this mama"! :)

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