Sunday, July 31, 2011

LA Zoo

It's an amazing big oasis in Los Angeles.  We absolutely love animals and the LA Zoo is our ultimate fav! It has evolved through out the years and trust me it was for the best.  I took the kids on yet another adventure and invited my brothers family and my BFF/Sister. The weather was perfectly cool.  We saw many animals active and giving the audience a show.   The best part of the zoo is that they allow coolers and wagons inside. Nothing better then a picnic inside the LA ZOO.  


Friday, July 22, 2011

Did I mention...Off Roading!?

As the only girl in my immediate family, I have been deprived of anything and everything girly.  My 3 boys and cowboy have made sure I can handle the getting in and out of a lifted Chevy truck.  Thank goodness for P-90X! I love everything 4x4 especially a white Toyota Tacoma, black widow (Jeep) and the little bitty Rhino.  You better watch out if you see me in the street I'll crush you! LOL! Seriously, I'm kidding.  Last weekend we took the boys for some mud fun at great Azusa Canyon and let me tell you it was pretty intense.  Huge roaring lifted trucks with giant tires going through the water and getting stuck half way in the course.  I was sure glad to see everyone helping and pulling each other out of the mud.  My cowboy through on the bikini top on the jeep then headed up Azusa Rd for some MUD fun in the SUN.  As I always say..."bring it on baby, because there's no stopping this mama"! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh that's Right! But, why?

My first official b-l-o-g! Yikes! Honestly, I'm excited. Alexander, my soon to be 4 year old is extremely cleaver, hyper and always comes up with the funniest phrases. One morning he was helping me prepare breakfast and as we are mixing the egg batter he tells me, Ohhh that's righhhttt! Ohhh that's Righhhttt Mom! I suddenly stopped, smiled, and laughed while telling him "Yes, that's right Alexander. First we must pour half cup milk." We have adapted the phase ever since. Meet my little pride and joy, Alexander.

Oh, that darling little fella in the UCLA jersey is my little t-o-u-g-h baby boy, Landen. Watch out he is stronger then you think. Love, nature and action is what we are about. Stay tuned because this stay at home rough and tough momma is not done blogging just yet! :)