lama photogrpahy

Have you ever loved something so much but didn't know how to express it? Since forever I've had an obsession with my camera. Ever since those 35mm film bulky cameras first lived. Yup, I had one. I've been in love.  It makes my world turn into beautiful butterflies.  Fast forward a few years to the Internet and some how I became intimidated by so many photographer blogs, facebook pages and websites that I felt that there might not be room for one more.  A few months ago I had a change of heart.  Let's just say I got my photo confidence back!

My BF asked what type of photographer I thought I was, but you see, I am not a photographer. I simple take pictures of people, nature, and animals that I love so much.   Capturing "the moment" that no one else notices is magical.  It's the moment that I think is glowing and powerful to ones characteristics.  To me a photographer is someone who's been years in the making and who's art cost mucho (spanish for a lot of) money!

I am a future photographer in the making.  By the way... I also love insta and my hipsta!