Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get Into Nature!

Oh California how I adore you! Within an hours drive I can be at the beach or at the mountains.  You can't do that in any other state and still have great weather.  Just a short drive away in the San Bernardino Mountains lies Big Bear.   The most adventures, thrilling and beautiful place to be.  The mountains are in full bloom awaiting every mountain biker who dares to ride the gondola up the mountain.  Indeed, it was I who couldn't wait to ride up the mountain with a MTB bike in hand.   The only thing I wasn't expecting was actually being afraid of heights.  Maybe a little more nervous.  My eldest son is a die hard Mountain Biker Beast.  So, I took him out for a what would seem like a nice stroll down the mountain.  NOT! I literally walked my bike all the way down the mountain.  Yes, I'm was a chicken but once I felt comfortable I jumped on my bike and went full speed! Watch out Bear Mountain mama is coming to get  you! Oh

Here's a the link to Big Bear: 

There were a few hiccup's but I made it out alive with big smiles.  Thank you son for showing me new adventures!

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